Friday, February 6, 2015

Pixlr is a weapon look alike photoshop

Hello imaginary readers!

Do you recognize whats new in my blog? Any difference? Yaa, there is a change! The header is changed!

It is just simple. Like the description there. But the truth is, that is the limit of my ability to design the header. I like it to be simple, yet that is the only idea. Just saying that it is OK.

Well, the main point is, I just want to share with you the tools that I use to create the header. Here we go. I use the Pixlr. It can be referred to a web based software. It looks alike Photoshop, and I can say it can be say as the free Photoshop as it has most of the basic Photoshop tools in there. I'm not very familiar with the Photoshop either. I learnt to use Photoshop quite some time ago. So I know a little things of that software. Back to the main point (again) I just want to say that using Pixlr is very easy, just you have to explore on how to use it (again, like the Photoshop).

The workspace

And I guess that is all for today. Bye.

Oh, I just added the Nuffnang widget on the right side. So, feel free to click on it!

tengs because read this entry..keep in touch..


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