Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gonna start to blogging back.

Hello imaginary readers! 

It's quite sometime that I stop from writing a post for this blog. And here I come. Just got rid all of the nonsense unmatured posts of the old days. Quite shame to myself when I read them back. But I still maintain this blog design with a little tweak. More simple and elegant? Hahaha.. Lets say that I just want to start a new fresh of me :) 

Back days I have the dream to become a journalist. Still hoping. I love to write, I love to keep on thinking on tons of things that I want to write. Seems like there is a lot of idea come out from my mind that I want to share. But when it comes to the starting point on writing, when the fingers are ready to hit the keyboard, I get stuck. I have the point but I don't have the ability to elaborate it nicely. And that is the point when I start to back off.

Hence, this is a new start of mine I hope that I'll be able to improve myself to make my dreams come true.

So. Whats up with me in two three years back? Well, nothing much that I can tell. My life is so boring and dull and slow. Frankly said, sometimes I hate myself. I hate it when I cannot or fail to do the things that I want to do. I face many failures in life, yet I keep on repeating the same mistakes. Sometimes I have the courage to wake up and clean the shits off but I am easily fall again. I, myself do not know how to handle my own self. That is the biggest failure in my life. Always regretting and afterwards, do the same mistakes.

Enough of that.

The point is, I just want to get a better life. I want to improve. I have goals. I'm gonna fight.

Thats it for now. Hoping that anyone who read this will drop a comment!

tengs because read this entry..keep in touch..


Anonymous said...

Sometimes i hate myself too..i wake up one morning and see everything is slowly taken away from me..i wish i dont have to go through that moment again.

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